Relax – You’ll Have a Radiant Tan in No Time at The Body Boutique Tanning

Reserve your tanning bed at our salon in Boonville, IN

Do you want your skin to have a beautiful, summer-like glow? You will when you visit The Body Boutique Tanning in Boonville, Indiana. We have a variety of tanning beds available and different packages to choose from. Our tanning specialists will make sure to provide you with a clean and high-performing tanning bed for each and every one of your sessions. Get in touch with our tanning bed salon today and arrange a time for your first appointment!

Our staff goes above and beyond for our clients’ tanning needs.

Our staff goes above and beyond for our clients’ tanning needs.

We want all of our customers to tan in a safe and effective manner, so they can enjoy their beautiful tan without any worry! Our tanning specialists will sit down with you to discuss what tanning bed works best for your skin type. We have multiple tanning beds available to help you tan your skin gradually, including:

  • Base beds
  • Hot beds
  • Mega beds
  • Stand-up beds

Additionally, we have one upright tanning bed for deeper, darker tanning. Let’s discuss what tanning package works best for you so you can finally get that radiant glow! Contact The Body Boutique Tanning right now to schedule a time to chat with our staff.