Do You Need to Use an Indoor Tanning Lotion?

Yes, and The Body Boutique Tanning offer's top-quality tanning lotions in Boonville, IN.

If you plan to use a tanning bed, you need to use an indoor tanning lotion. Anyone who has gone without using lotion for their tanning bed experience can tell you why you need to use it. Tanning can dry out your skin quickly. Indoor tanning lotions can moisturize your skin, protect you from burning in the tanning bed and speed up the tanning process.

Offering the best lotions for a successful tanning session

Offering the best lotions for a successful tanning session

The Body Boutique Tanning of Boonville, Indiana offers an array of indoor tanning lotions for our customers. We highly recommend using one of our products before setting foot in one of our tanning beds. Choose from:

  • Ed Hardy Tannovation lotions
  • JWOWW lotions
  • Devoted Creations lotions

We also sell all-natural handmade bath bombs, handmade scented candles and moisturizers from Australian Gold and Hemp Nation. Use these moisturizers after you tan to keep your skin looking and feeling great. They also help protect your tan to prevent fading! Browse our selection of tanning products at our Boonville, IN location today.